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29th Jun, 2013

How JCI has changed my life
by Tracy Grange on June 29, 2013 18:51


Back in 2007 I joined JCI Boston after my colleague Alli Cowell persuaded me to go to their business visit- the walkers crisps factory in Lincoln.  I loved the visit and everyone was so friendly so I decided to join.

I ventured outside my local chamber in 2008, Hull for the regional dinner and Manchester for National awards. At this point I was hooked and wanted to get involved more.  After a couple of 
years on council, I decided to step up as president of JCI Boston in 2011.

I am so proud to have been president of my home town chamber we definitely punched above our weight that year and people certainly had heard of JCI Boston. My confidence grew and I learnt lots of new skills.

I met my partner through JCI, a lovely Yorkshire man from JCI Barnsley, Richard Grange.  Boston and Barnsley have become close chambers and are collectively known as Bosley.  We try to get to each other’s events so we know the A1 quite well.

So last year in November Richard and I decided to move in together.  This meant I was relocating to Yorkshire.

My new employers Smith Craven had heard of JCI as they used to be a patron of JCI Doncaster and I was lucky enough to have a group of friends already in Barnsley.  The move to Yorkshire didn't seem that daunting.

I am certainly not the same person that joined back in 2007 and wouldn't be here in Yorkshire if it hadn't been for JCI.

I have decided to transfer my membership to JCI Barnsley on 1st July as I have this enthusiasm for JCI again now in Barnsley. I will always have JCI Boston in my heart and wish the chamber every success in the future. 

Tracy Anderson

Past President 2011

Council team » Tracy Anderson .jpg

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29th Jul, 2012

Our Immediate Past President
by Tracy Grange on July 29, 2012 17:01


Meet Tracy Anderson


Council team » Tracy Anderson .jpgLength of membership: 5 years

Role(s) held with local chamber: Current Immediate Past president

Why did you join JCI: For social reasons, to meet new people and make new friends

How has your membership had an impact on your personal development?

JCI has given me confidence in myself and my abilities. I've never been a fan of public speaking but after doing the JCI Presenter course I had the confidence to give a presentation at the Boston Business club and my outgoing president's speech.

I have also developed so many skills, such as networking, uploading content on a website, editing a monthly newsletter, organising events.

What do you enjoy most about your membership of JCI?

The buzz! I have attended so many JCI events and come away with this buzz. It's hard to describe but you feel inspired to do something, you've met old and made new friends. This buzz around JCI UK is brilliant at the minute and I really want to be part of the National Board in 2013. The opportunities you get are endless in JCI, it's up to the individual how much you want to get out of it. It's true what they say; they more you put in the more you get out! I have to say I've got lots and intend to get more out of JCI.

What is your favourite area of JCI opportunity?

I would have to say community. Last year as president of JCI Boston I made sure community projects played a big part of my year. As a chamber we raised over £850 for the JCI Nothing But Nets campaign which meant we helped save 275 lives, and my highlight was our Easter Themed Hook a duck Market stall on the Boston Market on Global Malaria Day.

What did you gain from attending your first national/international event?

My first national event was attending the National awards ceremony in Manchester, this was when I really got JCI, meeting liked mined people from all around the UK. I've been hooked since and attended every national awards ceremony. I'm really looking for to this year's National convention in Belfast.

What is your most memorable experience within JCI?

So far, I would have to say last year, hosting the regional awards last year in my home town Boston and being a multiple award winner, I then went on to be awarded nationally as the most outstanding leader!

I say so far because I really excited to be attending the European Conference next year in Monte Carlo.... for my 30th Birthday!


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26th Jun, 2012

Meet our member- Jen Curtis
by Tracy Grange on June 26, 2012 18:32



Jen Curtis JCI Boston

Council team » Jen Curtis.jpg

Length of membership: 1 year 

Role(s) held with local chamber: Member

Why did you join JCI: To meet like minded people for both social and networking reasons

Describe your membership of JCI in three words*: worthwhile, energetic, challenging

How has your membership had an impact on your personal development?

One of the key areas where JCI has had an impact is in relation to working as part of a team (and no, I am not writing a job application!). Firstly, there is the day to day aspect of being involved in a local chamber. JCI Boston is one of the smaller chambers and it's really important that we can all work together to ensure that we really do make a difference to our local community and maintain a strong presence and involvement within JCI UK. Being part of a small team has really helped to reinforce when to speak up with my own ideas or suggestions and when to sit back and listen to others.

My experiences as part of JCI have also shown me how a good welcome can really make you feel part of a larger team. It can really make a difference in terms of getting stuck into the training session or event that you are at. As my network of people within JCI is growing, I really hope that I make the effort to engage new members.

How has your membership had an impact of your career?

The most immediate impact has been from the networking opportunities JCI offers. I work as a solicitor in a town where there are a wide variety of languages spoken and it is not always possible to communicate with clients in English. Through my first JCI event I met the director of a translation company. They now provide an invaluable service to the whole of my firm and we are able to make mutually beneficial referrals. Their cooperation in terms of meeting the requirements of the Legal Services Commission has gone down very well with my boss!

I also found attending JCI Presenter to be in valuable as part of my job. Whether it is presenting information and advice to clients or presenting a case to a District Judge, the tools and techniques that I learned have already come in very useful in getting the message across.

What do you enjoy most about your membership of JCI?

There's always something new to do or try!

What is your most memorable experience within JCI?

Being given the Members' Member award at our President's dinner in March. Receiving an award came as a complete shock to me, and it was made even more special by the fact it was voted for by my fellow members of JCI Boston. It is not very often that I am made speechless!

What did you gain from attending your first national/international event?

I have not yet attended a national event: I have however helped to organise and attended the Yorkshire Regional Dinner which was a great opportunity to meet a wider network of people in JCI. I was really proud to see Boston take centre stage for the event and it really showed me the commitment from chambers all over the country in coming to celebrate with us.

How does your membership help you to be an active citizen?

I think that it is really important to have an organisation such as JCI in a small town such a Boston. Boston is struggling to find its own sense of community given the changing population: having a JCI presence in the town can only help.

My memberships of JCI also helps me to maintain a global perspective on issues. One of JCI Boston's main focuses has been supporting the Nothing But Nets campaign through its clothes collections. This has been a really good way to highlight my involvement with JCI - it really gets you out into the community explaining to friends, family and anyone who will listen why I am happy to collect their unwanted clothes and the ways in which it will make a difference.

Anything else you'd like to add about your membership experience?

I moved to Boston for work reasons and I was very sceptical about being able to meet like-minded people who want to get out and do things. Joining JCI has been an absolute lifeline for me, both for work and for my social life!

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